Campaigners told to leave library by MP

Protesters asked to leave the library MP Nadine Dorries
Protesters asked to leave the library MP Nadine Dorries

Protesters claim they were thrown out of a town library when they turned up to present a petition to their MP.

Eleven campaigners cornered Mid Beds MP Nadine Dorries at her monthly surgery in Ampthill this morning, asking the politician to oppose a trade deal between Europe and the United States.

Playing it by the book, Ms Dorries told the group to leave the building because “groups are not allowed inside the library”.

But determined to put their case in respect of the trade deal, which they claim would damage the UK’s environment, food and working standards, the group dispersed. Ms Dorries then agreed to meet with two members who handed over the petition.

Paul Berryman, member of people power lobbying group 38 degrees, said: “She was rattled, and although I understand why meeting a lot of people could cause concern, the way it was handled was atrocious - she made no attempt to accommodate the group in spite of there being space to do so.

“Sadly her argument about the library not being able to hold groups was mitigated by the knitting club sat right behind us, where eight lovely old ladies were knitting, drinking tea and eating biscuits.”

The British government says the potential Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could add £10billion to the UK economy, £80billion to the US and £100billion to the EU every year.

The petition against it has been signed by 342 people living in the Mid Bedfordshire area.

Ms Dorries was unavailable for comment when contacted by the Times and Citizen.