Campaigners take to the streets to spread anti-fluoride message

Bedford's fluoride campaigners took to the streets in Bedford town centre.
Bedford's fluoride campaigners took to the streets in Bedford town centre.

Campaigners against fluoride in tap water took to the streets on Saturday to spread their message.

The clipboard carrying teams from Fluoride Free Bedford were in the town centre to encourage shoppers to sign their petition.

It calls for the council to stop water fluoridation in the borough once and for all.

Campaigners are frustrated that in 2011 Bedford Borough Council voted unanimously to cease the practice after Mayor Dave Hodgson proposed the resolution but no action was taken.

Now the group, which has been calling for the end of water fluoridation in Bedford since 2002, has a newly elected group of councillors to convince.

Fluoride Free Bedford co-ordinator Cynthia Bagchi said: “We want to stimulate discussion throughout Bedford and to stun councillors, to show them the huge amount of support there is from people who don’t want fluoride in their water supply.”

Business cards and fact sheets were handed out so that people can encourage their neighbours and friends to sign the online petition.

Cynthia said: “It’s about educating ourselves and each other. The government isn’t doing it and nor is the council, they are just covering up the truth.”

Water in Bedford Borough was fluoridated for around 40 years until 2009 when the process was suspended in order to carry out works on the water treatment plant serving the area. Fluoride Free Bedford is campaigning to ensure the mineral is permanently excluded from water.

Joy Warren, co-ordinator of the West Midlands Against Fluoridation group, which supported the Bedford group at the weekend, said: “The only reason fluoride is added to our water supply is for it to have a physiological effect on the enamel of the milk teeth of very young children by exerting an effect from the inside of the tooth to the outside. This means that fluoride is a medicine and fluoridated water is, according to a judgement in the European Court of Justice, classified as a ‘functional food’. A ‘functional food’ is, first and foremost a medicine, and thus medicinal law takes precedence over food law. The difference is that pills are legalised medicine whereas, fluoridated water is illegal medicine.”

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