Call for parties to protect NHS as campaigners take their petition to the streets of Bedford

Bob Chaundy
Bob Chaundy

Campaigners calling on political parties to promise to “protect the NHS” are taking their petition to the streets of Bedford on Saturday.

The day of action has been organised by independent campaign group 38 Degrees to encourage people to use their vote to protect the National Health Service.

Bedford 38 Degrees member Bob Chaundy said: “Our NHS is an institution dear to the hearts of British people. It has always been there for me and my family when we’ve needed it.

“But some politicians seem determined to break it up and sell parts off to the highest bidder.

“The thought of my family being cared for by profit-making companies really scares me. What’s more, it desperately needs more funding and individual MPs from whichever party, should put pressure on their leaders to ensure that promised investment, and more, should take place.”

The group has invited local parliamentary candidates to Bedford to receive its petition after spending the morning talking to voters.

Saturday will see thousands of people replicate the protest across England.

The Bedford petition to save the NHS is at: