Buy your way into Airlander history in crowdfunding scheme

Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden's lead singer and aviation enthusiast, at the l aunch of the Airlander at Cardington.
Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden's lead singer and aviation enthusiast, at the l aunch of the Airlander at Cardington.

If you were a betting man, or woman, you’d say the futuristic airship being built in Cardington is going to be big.

Big, literally - it’s HUGE, but also big in the sense it could be in high demand in a global market.

Now the company behind the Airlander, Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), is offering everyday folk a chance to invest in the business.

It has set up a crowdfunding scheme which will let people put a minimum £100 stake in the Airlander with the expectation there will be a financial return in the future once orders come in and the airships take off.

And for people investing more than £10,000, it includes a VIP invitation to the first public flight. With £100 comes a membership to the Airlander Club.

HAV head of partnerships and communications Chris Daniels said: “We are aiming to raise £3million and once that total is reached, the scheme will close. This figure represents about eight per cent of the company.

“It will be a minimum investment of £100, which we are aiming to bring a ten-fold return.”

Mr Daniels added HAV expects within the next five years a major aerospace investor would buy the company, or the business will grow organically with continued success.

By signing up to a crowdfunding scheme, potential investors are purchasing shares, but unlike FTSE-100 shares, these may not be easily traded. They will own part of the company and see returns in a similar way to shareholders, but this means there is also the potential they could lose their money.

Mr Daniels said: “There is a risk with all investments but this is a chance to be part of a growing industry, which is creating jobs and apprenticeships, and putting Bedfordshire on the international map.”

HAV is one of the first aerospace and engineering companies in the UK to use crowdfunding to raise capital. Other industries, such as video gaming and digital gadgetry, have been successfully using it for a number of years, where investors return might be to get the latest games ahead of their release.

For more information, go to, or follow #preparefortakeoff on Twitter.


>> “Hybrid Air Vehicles has developed and flown a game-changing low-carbon aircraft.

Airlander can fly for weeks and take-off from land, water, ice or marsh.

It has an independently validated $50 billion market.

Its development has been supported by the UK government, and it’s a Great British project.

Join investors including PLC chairmen, experienced business angels and professional investors to help take Airlander to market.”