Butcher invents Prosecco flavour sausages...and they're a sizzling success

A family farm shop has been attracting customers left, right and centre, with its unusual sausage recipe involving a sparkling ingredient.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 29th January 2017, 5:00 am
John White and Steve Archer of Manor Farm Butchers with some Prosecco sausages. EMN-170123-102916001
John White and Steve Archer of Manor Farm Butchers with some Prosecco sausages. EMN-170123-102916001

Manor Farm Shop and Garden Centre introduced their new prosecco sausage recipe in the run up to Christmas.

Staff had the intention of it being a festive treat, but a month later, sausages are still being sold and are as popular as ever.

The sausages, made using pork sausage meat, cranberries and prosecco, have been so in demand that butcher at Manor Farm Shop near Sleaford in Lincolnshire, Steve Archer, 35, is making them every week.

He has worked at Manor Farm for a few months, and is the man behind putting the ingredients together.

A supplier first put the idea out there, and it did not take long for staff to put the wheels in motion.

He told staff that shops could be adding prosecco to sausages, and it might be a good idea for Manor Farm shop to give it a try.

Steve Archer said: “There is a basic recipe that we use for pork sausages, adding seasoning, cranberries and then prosecco.

“There has been a fantastic response.

“We did it as a Christmas gimmick. People have been asking for it ever since.”

As Steve was the man who put the recipe together, The Standard asked what Steve thought of the sausages.

Steve said: “Cranberries and prosecco go well together.

“I am not a big prosecco drinker myself, but I absolutely love them, they are very tasty.”

These sausages have a slighter shorter shelf-life, and tend to be made towards the end of the working week.

They will be available mostly at weekends to purchase from Manor Farm Shop.

The new sausages have been such a success, that as long as there is a demand for the recipe, the prosecco sausages will keep coming.

Steve said about the sausages: “They were intended to grab attention, and came out quite popular.”

Sausage and prosecco lovers can buy sausages from Manor Farm Shop and Garden Centre, in Moor Lane.

The prosecco sausages are not the only unusual combination the shop has produced.

A toffee apple sausage introduced three years ago for bonfire night celebrations is still being sold at the shop, due to its popularity with customers.