Wages fall behind inflation in Bedford

Mo Yasin MP
Mo Yasin MP

People living in Bedford are £945.52 worse off after 
wages failed to keep up with inflation over the last six years.

In 2012 the average worker living in Bedford Borough earned £26,072 a year.

If their salaries had kept up with inflation then last year then their pay packet last year would have been£30,243.52.

But instead workers are 
almost £950 out of pocket, with them earning an 
average of £29,298 last year.

Men were worse hit than women by wages falling 
behind inflation.

Although the average 
man earns far more than the average woman, their 
average salary (£36,140) left them £24,403.32 out of 

The average woman earned £22,208 last year – if that had kept up with inflation then they would have earned an extra £113.

Bedford and Kempston MP Mohammad Yasin said: “While the story for Bedford is not as bad as it appears to be in some parts of the country, 
it is clear nonetheless that 
wages here have not kept up with inflation.

“My constituents have less money in their pockets under this government.”

People living in Central Bedfordshire were better off than those living in the 
borough, but were also worse off than if wages had kept up with inflation.

The average salary in 
Central Bedfordshire was £31,635. Had it kept up with inflation then the average person would have had around £2,200 more in their pocket.

And the differences 
between male and female salaries was also more 
pronounced in Central 

The average man earned £16,607 more than the average woman, whereas in Bedford the salary gap was £13,932.