VIDEO: Inspection drone cuts time needed to safety check aircraft and buildings

RISER drone
RISER drone

The time taken to inspect buildings, aircraft and other large inanimate objects has been dramatically slashed with the release of a new drone.

Drone developers Blue Bear Systems, which is based in Clapham, Bedfordshire, has joined with sensing specialists Createc to build the RISER Inspection System drone.

The past months have seen the inspection system examine an easyJet A320 aircraft, HMS Diamond and even a building in Canary Wharf, checking for potential damage due to general wear and tear.

Blue Bear technical director Dr Ian Cowling said: “Depending on size, RISER takes around 20 minutes to inspect an object, pinpointing minute damage that would take hours manually.

“This will save companies time, money and guarantee that their asset is in its best possible condition.”

He added, the drone has ‘collision avoidance’ capability which prevents possible interference or contact with the structure under inspection, and Geo-fencing also ensures RISER does not navigate away from a set route.

“RISER flies approximately one metre away from the inspected object, analysing and processing any damage whilst building a 3D picture of the world around itself.”

In 2012, the ‘RISER’ Inspection System drone was produced with help from a £30,000 grant awarded to the companies by INNOVATE UK, with the aim of creating a product that could inspect static objects, whilst also being able to identify radiation.

Rigorous, autonomous testing ensued to push RISER to its optimum functionality.

The companies plan to release a wider product range within the next 18 months.