Business is blooming for new florist shop

Karen Heaslip of Forever Flowers PNL-151103-100327001
Karen Heaslip of Forever Flowers PNL-151103-100327001

A florist who is seriously allergic to flowers is getting ready to open her first shop.

Karen Heaslip is up to her elbows in paint as she prepares her ‘little shack’ to open Forever Flowers at Willington Home and Garden Centre in time for Mothers’ Day.

She said: “It sounds odd, but I began training as a florist in my 50s because I am highly allergic to flowers and plants to the point where I have to carry an EpiPen!

“I did a City and Guilds course and passed with distinctions, and it really helped with the allergy.

“About 10 months later, I was made redundant from my job and as the next Mothers’ Day approached, I thought I should go for it.”

Karen set up Forever Flowers working from home, but with support from friends and family, and a strong Facebook presence, is ready to expand.

She said: “I didn’t think I would be able to open a shop but the garden centre has been so supportive, they’ve bent over backwards to help.”

Forever Flowers caters for every occasion – weddings, birthdays, funerals, holidays – as well as offering personalised stationery and wedding accessories and delivery.

She said: “When I do a wedding, I will work through the night to make sure the flowers are as fresh as can be.”

Forever Flowers opens at 9am on Saturday, March 14.

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