Bob Mortimer leads Bedford Bombardier ad campaign

Bob Mortimer as Bombardier Bedford. PNL-150804-114811001
Bob Mortimer as Bombardier Bedford. PNL-150804-114811001

Comedy star Bob Mortimer is the new face of Bedford-brewed beer Bombardier.

Bob, one half of the anarchic duo Reeves and Mortimer, will play the character of Bombardier Bedford in a new advertising campaign from brewer Charles Wells.

Advertising had previously been driven by another comedy hero, Rik Mayall, who died last year.

Phil Toms, director of brands at the Charles Wells Brewery said: “I’m thrilled that, in Bob, we have one of the country’s most original comedy talents bringing his own unique comedy to the character and we believe he’ll have a great connection with drinkers as he leads the charge for a quality pint of Bombardier.”

The campaign for Bombardier will be spearheaded by a 30 second advert which sees Mortimer leading his troops into battle somewhere hot. It will be screened for the first time in home and on SKY Pub on St George’s Day, April 23, as part of the beer brand’s annual rally to celebrate the event.

Marketing Manager, Emily Hudson promises the transition will be a sympathetic one: “Our mission is to connect with drinkers through the Bombardier regiment of beers, of which there are now two variants. The hero of this campaign is Bombardier Burning Gold, the next in line in the Bombardier chain of command, and picks up from where our original Bombardier Bedford was lost in battle” says Hudson.

“The new character signals the next generation and will continue the irreverent and light hearted call to action that saw awareness of Bombardier rise to unprecedented levels for ale advertising in consumer tests”.

The Bombardier range includes the original beer Bombardier English and golden ale Bombardier Burning Gold which are both available in bottle and as cask beers.

P&O Cruises has revealed that two of the most popular beers on its newest ship, Britannia, were Bedford beers Bombardier and Banana Bread Ale.

They kept guests’ thirst at bay during the 14-day sailing.

Banana Bread Ale and Bombardier, from the Wells & Young’s brewery in Bedford, are two of 70 different British beers on sale in Brodie’s, a classic pub which is named after one of the founders of P&O Cruises, Brodie McGhie Wilcox.

Brodie’s Great British Beer Menu on Britannia features 70 different bottled beers, ales and ciders from 56 counties around the UK including pilsners, ales, stouts, gluten-free beer and speciality beers.