Bedpop shop opens for run-up to Christmas

Bedpop Shop
Bedpop Shop

Looking for a quirky and original present for Christmas? The answer has just popped-up with the return of the BedPopShop.

Following its success in the former Pizza Hut building, Bedpop is opening on Saturday in the Art Centre and Gallery,in Howard Street.

Founder Erica Roffe said the shop will feature “unique products” from artists, designers and makers from Bedfordshire.

She said: “We are thrilled to be working with the Art Centre and Gallery. So, if you’re looking for a teatowel depicting the R101 airship or some origami fairy lights, the BedPopShop has it all.

“And the genius of the tea towel, is you can cut it up and sew your own cuddly R101.”

Other suppliers include Stuffagogo, Mawgan & Rosie, Circus of Illustration, Charlotte Tenneson, Katie Allen, Jim Francis, UOldBag! and Mr X Stitch.

BedPop Shop is open until Christmas Eve. Follow @bedpop on Twitter.