Bunyan marks our county day - the preacher and author is voted for Bedfordshire Day commemoration

John Bunyan Statue St Peter's St Bedford.
John Bunyan Statue St Peter's St Bedford.

Grab your diary - there’s a new date to remember that will go down in history across the county.

November 28 will henceforth now be known as Bedfordshire Day - a day to celebrate all that is great about our county.

When the Friends of Bedfordshire Society was looking for a day to adopt, it held a public vote.

The result showed a large majority in favour of honouring the Bedford preacher and author John Bunyan on the anniversary of his birth.

Bunyan was born in Elstow and became famous for being imprisoned for his religious beliefs and the book, The Pilgrim’s Progress.

While it is unlikely we will get a day off work, Friends of Bedfordshire Society spokesman Luke Blackstaffe said: “We hope that we will be able to move forward with this and promote Bedfordshire day as a day of pride and celebration of the county.”

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