Bungling BT ordered to pay compensation to Ampthill man

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Bungling BT have been ordered to pay compensation for cutting off an Ampthill man’s phone and internet – then getting their wires crossed over apologising for the error.

Furious Malcolm Tattersall took his case to the Ombudsman and accused the phone company giants of being “dunderheads”.

BT suddenly pulled the plug on his broadband, telephone and TV services because they mistakenly thought he was switching to another provider.

They took several days to fix the fiasco then made matters worse by charging Malcolm a £250 ‘early exit fee’ for breaking his contract.

BT admitted their errors and sent a grovelling letter of apology. But they posted it to the wrong address – to another customer who lives in Durham. The Durham man forwarded the letter, with a note saying: “I think this further demonstrates the incompetence of BT!”

He said he too had complained to BT after suffering months of problems with his broadband services.

Malcolm’s apology, which was written by a BT customer service worker, stated: “I’m really sorry things went wrong and we could have done better.”

It added: “ We’ll learn from this and make sure the right people know where they went wrong.”

Malcolm, who ironically has shares in BT, complained to the Ombudsman about the catalogue of errors.

The Ombudsman ordered BT to pay compensation and apologise – this time by writing to the correct address.

Malcolm said: “At least they managed to pay my compensation into the right bank account. I suppose I can consider myself extremely fortunate it didn’t end up in Nigeria or somewhere.”

He is now planning to sell his BT shares and invest them with a rival broadband provider.

“They never made me a penny anyway,” he said.

BT was recently criticised by Which? magazine for providing poor customer service.

A spokesman for BT told the T&C: “We’re really sorry that our correspondence was sent into the incorrect address.”

He added: “We are looking into the reasons why this occurred, to avoid this happening again in the future.”