Bromham boy bags a BAFTA

MBTC 15-05-15  Matt Berry
MBTC 15-05-15 Matt Berry

While all actors claim they never expected to win, comedian, singer and writer Matt Berry was genuinely surprised to pick up a BAFTA.

Matt, who grew up in Bromham, won a golden trophy at the glitzy Royal Opera House event, on Sunday.

While he is well known for playing flamboyant characters in The Mighty Boosh, The IT Crowd, and House of Fools, it was for his cult Channel 4 sitcom, Toast of London, that he won the Best Male Performance for Comedy award.

He said: “It felt very, very odd, kind of surreal. I know everyone says this, but I really didn’t expect to win. I hadn’t prepared a speech.”

Offscreen, Matt persues a less well known career as a musician, writing and performing with his band, The Maypoles.

He said it his music where his Bedfordshire roots are most evident.

“In terms of music, Bromham Park, the open fields, being out in the moonlight, these were a big thing for me. These are the things I miss now, living by the Thames, where there is unnatural light at night.

“The countryside informs the imagery of my albums. I go back to when I was allowed to be in a field at midnight.”

As a child, Matt went to St Owen’s lower school. He said: “It was a beautiful lower school and I have very fond memories. There was only 16, or 17, people in the class.”

He then went to Robert Bruce Middle School, and then to Wootton Upper School.

Matt and his family moved three times within Bromham, before moving to Milton Ernest.

At 19, he left Bedfordshire to go to Nottingham Trent University.

Matt is playing at the Royal Albert Hall in September, and is currently writing the third series of Toast. For more, visit