Bridge Over Troubled Lager tour – will ease your mind ...

MBTC Rory McGrath and Phillip Pope
MBTC Rory McGrath and Phillip Pope

Following huge success at this year’s Edinburgh Festival, Rory McGrath and musical partner Philip Pope hit the road with their hilarious musical show A Bridge Over Troubled Lager – Volume 2.

McGrath and Pope’s marriage of mirth will once again combine Rory’s sublime lyrics – a signature combination of sophistication, wryness and downright filth – with the mature elegance and artistry of Philip’s music.

Expect dozens of songs, rudely interrupted by the pair’s backchat and bickering on subjects including – but not limited to – social media, pets, Scottish independence, Philip’s toe, love, marriage, Croatian pop in the 90s and foul language.

And then there’s reality TV, conservation, Schubert, heavy metal, the French, hardline Christianity and the Polish word for a mayfly.

Said Philip: “Rory will come up with an idea and lyrics and put it to a basic tune, sometimes a very good tune that I don’t have to do anything with.”

And Rory added: “Mostly, he’ll rewrite it so it’s too complicated for me to play. Chords I’ve never even heard of will suddenly appear: ‘what happened to that simple tune I wrote for you?’ But he is a very good arranger and he’s somewhat held back by the limitations of my guitar playing.”

The paths of McGrath and Pope have crossed on various projects down the years such as 1980s Channel 4 shows Who Dares Wins and Chelmsford 123 before they put together the first serving of Bridge Over Troubled Lager at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe.

> CornExchange, Friday, October 24, 8pm. Tickets are £16/£14 on 01234 269519.