Brickhill to get mobile phone mast

A 12.5 metre-high mobile phone mast will be built on Brickhill Drive after Council planners approved an application on Monday.

The mast, complete with two equipment cabins, will be built on behalf of the company Telefonica O2 on the north western side of Brickhill Drive.

Bedford Borough Council planning committee approved the proposals subject to amended plans being presented to them.

The committee heard how the mast would be constructed of metal and finished to match nearby lamp posts, but at 12.5 metres would be significantly taller and wider. The cabinets will be 1.5 to 1.35 metres high and finished in a standard green.

The application has previously been refused twice due to the location of the mast which would have been on the opposite side of Brickhill Drive close to a parade of shops.

Peter Hand, a former borough councillor for Brickhill, who originally got into politics to campaign against the mast, said: “This case highlights how much the planning system is weighted in favour of large developers and the interests of corporations.

“It’s hardly surprising that turnout in local elections is so low, when locally elected Councillors have virtually no say in decisions which impact upon their local communities.

“Mobile phone companies are able to conduct campaigns of attrition, constantly appealing decisions or submitting new applications until they finally get their way.

“We need to see a better balance in the planning system between the interests of local communities, over those of large corporations, until this is achieved, too often the views of local people will continue to be ignored.”