Brian the horse keeps his name - and goes back home

Brian the horse
Brian the horse

Brian - the horse at the centre of a name-change row - has failed his basic police training.

The 71.2-hands-tall six-year-old left his Wilstead stable earlier this month to enrol with Thames Valley Police, which traditionally renames recruits with warlike monikers, such as Odin, Thor and Hercules.

Brians across the country were outraged their equine namesake could lose what they say is already a noble name.

However, a week into his training, Brian (the horse) fell at the first hurdle and is heading home.

Sergeant Spencer Kervin, of the Mounted Section, said: “Brian has been with us for nearly two weeks and he has been ridden every day, as part of his trial period.

“It has become very apparent very quickly that he is not settled to the urban environment. He has been brought up in a rural setting and he is nervous when he is out and about.”

He added this fear is not something which can be trained out of a horse, and it is not fair on him to continue.

Paula Jays, who manages Brian’s home, The Stables Equestrian Centre, said the Shire/Friesian cross always showed potential.

She added: “We are in no hurry to sell him, which is why we were happy for him to go to the police. We just want the right place for him.”