Brian the former police horse is put up for sale

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A horse named Brian which police planned to rename after a mythical god before it fell at the selection hurdle has been put up for sale.

Thames Valley Police have given their horses god or war-related names like Odin, Thor or Hercules for the last 15 years and said the name Brian would have to go.

But after public outrage and upset from other Brians they agreed the six-year-old would keep its name.

However they announced last Tuesday(17/2) that the cross breed had failed his trial and would be returned to his owners.

The force tweeted: “Despite his fame, Brian’s not made it through his trial+returns to his owner today. Always look on the bright side of..”

Owner Jo Samuel-Blackstock says since his disappointment Brian has been “knee deep in mud enjoying being a horse” at stables in Wilstead.

The Stables Equestrian Centre has now added ‘Home of Brian the Horse’ to its website.

But Miss Samuel-Blackstock has decided to put the 17 hands and 2 inches horse up for sale.

She said: “I have had emails saying I need Brian in my life, but I want him to go to a home that wants him as a horse.”

Miss Samuel-Blackstock says Brian is likely to end up working in show jumping, cross country jumping or dressage.