Brewhouse saved by real ale lovers hosting launch event in Ampthill

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A group of real ale lovers have refused to allow a Mid Beds brewery to die – taking over its licence to breathe new life into it.

The Ampthill Brewhouse - formerly The Ampthill Brewery – has launched with three different ales and a vow to ingrain itself in the local community, even offering its beers at cost price to local charity events.

An official launch is being held on Thursday, November 19, from 6pm at The White Hart in town, followed by Ampthill Football Club Sponsor Day on Saturday, November 21 and Ampthill Food and Drink Fair at Parkside Hall on Sunday, November 22.

It was the pipe dream of Lee Schopp and a group of friends and acquaintances who decided to act fast when they learned the previous brewery was on the verge of closing.

He said: “We were simply not prepared to see brewing end in the town. Within days we had a solid core of friends and drinkers all prepared to invest – it really galvanised the community and within a fortnight we were having to turn away investors.

“We are living proof that if people feel strongly enough about something, they will put their money where their mouth is. Everyone is giving their time for free and we are utilising the expertise amongst us – marketeers, accountants, sales, legal eagles - this is a real team effort.”

The three beers are: Session Ale 3.4% - Light, refreshing; Golden Ale 4.1% - Smooth golden ale; Indian Pale Ale 4.5% - Classic, hoppy with a dark twist.

A growing number of pubs and shops in Mid Beds are now stocking the ales and plans are in place to further increase the range and customer base in 2016.

Lee added: “This isn’t a vanity project and we are under no illusions that it could fail, but if we stick to our principals of brewing good, consistent quality beer and listening to what our local communities want we genuinely believe this might just work!”

The brewery is located at Station Road Industrial Estate. Visit