Breathalysers to be rolled out in Bedford following successful pilot scheme

breathalyser gv PPP-140210-152220001
breathalyser gv PPP-140210-152220001

Breathalysers will be issued to licensed premises in Bedford this weekend, following a successful trial in Luton and Dunstable over Christmas.

The breathalysers will help licensees identify the level of alcohol people have consumed. And if they are believed to have already had too much, customers could be refused entry.

Similar schemes have been piloted by other forces around the country, with Norfolk Constabulary reporting a 66 per cent reduction in arrests for drunk and disorderly conduct as a result.

PC Rob Sparkes from Bedfordshire Police’s Licensing Team said: “Our own pilot scheme over Christmas was received positively by premises in Luton and Dunstable, and we are keen to minimise the effects of intoxication in Bedford too.

“Not only does the scheme have benefits for local pubs and nightclubs, but hopefully it will encourage partygoers to make the right choice and call it a night when they have already drunk too much.

“We are grateful to the Bedford Borough Public Health team who have funded the Bedford breathalysers, meaning we can introduce them at no extra cost to the force.”