BREAKING: Police and ambulance crews called to '˜riot' at Bedford Prison

Police and ambulance crews have been called to assist guards tackling a riot at Bedford Prison tonight.

Bedford Prison
Bedford Prison

Hundreds of prisoners are believed to be involved in the disturbance at the category B men’ s prison in Bromham Road.

It’s believed some inmates armed with knives and blades and ransacked a guard’s office. They also set small fires and it’s reported stole medical supplies.

Some prisoners have taken videos of the scenes from their mobile phones.

Bedford Prison

Some reports say as many as 300 prisoners are involved with residents sharing photos of emergency vehicles outside the building.

One shocked woman wrote on Facebook: “It’s kicking off big time in Bedford prison.”

Another said he saw 13 police cars.

Fire services are also on standby outside the prison.

Bedford Prison

A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service said: “We are at the scene on standby at this stage. It’s an on-going incident. We are not in the prison.”