BREAKING NEWS: Light aircraft collide near Tempsford - one crashes and second lands at Thurleigh as pilot is feared dead

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A pilot was feared dead after a mid-air collision between two light aircraft this morning, Tuesday, September 23.

Eyewitnesses described debris of what is believed to be a microlight scattered across an area of farmland.

One local said: “They’ve not really told us a great deal but we believe it’s a microlight and a plane.

“Basically it’s in a field and there’s just debris everywhere in an area of maybe 10 metres by 10 metres and there’s some debris in another field across the road.”

Bedfordshire Police were called to around 8.30 this morning to reports an aircraft had come down near Tempsford, Bedfordshire, just off the A1.

The other aircraft made an emergency landing at Thurleigh.

The witness said they heard sirens this morning but assumed it was emergency services on the A1.

It wasn’t until they heard a helicopter hovering overhead that they came outside and saw what had happened.

He added: “I went out and there were about seven fire crews and some police but there was no fire.

“The roads closed and they’re not allowing anybody through. We had a job getting to our houses. It’s locked down.”

The East of England Ambulance service sent an ambulance and a paramedic officer to the scene, near Rectory Farm, just south of St Neots.

The East Anglian Air Ambulance were called to the scene at 8.38am and were in the air by 8.42.

They were stood down but remained airborne over the scene to help police locate any further wreckage.

Bedfordshire Police said the Air Accident Investigation Branch will take over the investigation into what happened.

A spokeswoman confirmed they are investigating and a team has been dispatched to the scene.