BREAKING NEWS: Family pay tribute to ‘talented and academic’ Isaac, following sentencing of his murderers

Isaac Stone, from Bedford.
Isaac Stone, from Bedford.

The family of murdered teenager Isaac Stone have spoken about thier loss of a son, brother and wonderful friend, following today’s sentencing of his murderers.

In a statement, they said: “hile we are pleased and relieved that Isaac’s killers have been found guilty and face long prison sentences it must not be forgotten that this was a mindless murder that has robbed us of a son, brother and a wonderful friend.

“Isaac was an incredibly talented young man who had everything to live for. Many people think that the name Dynamikk came as a result of his music but it actually stems back to his footballing days.

“Isaac was a huge Liverpool fan and loved the sport. He played for his school, Bedford Town and Rushden & Diamonds and was so skilled that he picked up the nickname and it just stuck.

“Isaac was also extremely academic and was the first Prefect at Harrowden Middle School in Bedford. Although Isaac was encouraged to sit his GCSEs early he chose not to so that he could remain with his friends who were so important throughout his life.

“With Isaac you had a friend forever and he would have done anything for you. Isaac was keen to include everyone and he always ‘rooted’ for the underdog and he would never stand to see someone bullied or taken advantage of by others.

“While Isaac was not a complete angel, he always knew right from wrong and whenever he went out we always told him ‘don’t trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you’ and we truly believe that he always abided by this.

“It was testament to Isaac that 900 people turned up to his funeral from all walks of his life. His friends from school, football and music were joined by family, teachers and so many people from the Bedford community. Everyone spoke of how polite Isaac was and how he would always take time to speak with people no matter where he was going or who he was with.

“This is the Isaac that we loved and the Isaac that we will always remember.

“We would like to thank the investigation team for all their hard work and for their thorough investigation into Isaac’s death. We would like to thank the prosecution team for the way they have conducted the case and all their efforts in ensuring Isaac’s murderers were brought to justice. We would also like to thank everyone else involved for their consideration, courtesy, understanding and support during this terrible time.

“We now ask to be left alone so that we can continue grieving our loss and, perhaps, try rebuilding our lives without Isaac in it.”