Boris and the Clanger that he never dropped - the Mayor of London takes Bedford shoppers by surprise

Boris Johnson buys a Bedfordshire Clanger from Gunns Bakery at Bedford farmers market.
Boris Johnson buys a Bedfordshire Clanger from Gunns Bakery at Bedford farmers market.
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Shoppers in Bedford were taken by surprise as the Mayor of London Boris Johnson visited the town centre today, Thursday, October 30, writes Joel Course.

The daily bustle of half term was broken when the vibrant mayor was dropped off at Silver Street, accompanied by Bedford and Kempston MP Richard Fuller.

Bedford’s enthusiastic citizens soon swarmed round the politician as he was embraced by a wave of photographs and handshakes.

Richard and Boris were on their way to a Tory party meeting in the Harpur Suite and decided to take a walk to the farmers’ market located outside the venue. All number of individuals were lining up to take a photo with the city mayor - from young children to the local businessmen, all of which were embraced by the warm smile and greeting of Boris.

The two were tailed by cameras and onlookers, as Boris spoke about his support of his close friend Richard. While walking and welcoming, the mayor decided to stop in the local Waterstones, to sign his own book, laughing as he asked: “Is that all they have in stock?”.

Stallholders at the farmers’ market opened their arms to Mr Johnson. Shaking the hands of the stall owners, engaging them with compassionate encouragement and supportive welcomes he expressed how it was “All happening in Bedford”.

Boris moved on, discussing the locally produced meat with an employee of Lingers meat stall and buying the delicacy of a Bedfordshire Clanger from Gunns Bakery.

The two politicians then tasted the treats at ‘I Am Dumpling’ a stall that was now the home to dumplings that were “approved by Boris”!

BID Board member Kerry Cash had a cheeky question for Boris when she met him on the walkabout “Who does your hair”?

The blonde bombshells had a quick chat in Silver Street during the whistle-stop tour.

Kerry, who owns 5th Avenue Hair and Beauty Salon in Howard Street, said: “It was great to see the TV cameras there showing off the ‘highlights’ of Bedford.”