Bird can crow about his new home, thanks to gardener Jim

Jim Robinson with baby crow at Golden Gardens, Goldington.
Jim Robinson with baby crow at Golden Gardens, Goldington.

A new tenant who took up residence at a community garden needed some nursing care. A baby crow found struggling in the garden in Elliott Crescent, Bedford, after being attacked by a cat is now being nursed back to health by Jim Robinson.

Jim is the lead volunteer at the garden, part of housing association bpha, opened in 2007 as part of the lottery funded Golden Gardens project.

Quite a bond has been developed already, with the crow seemingly pleased with his new home. Jim said: “I’m hoping he’ll soon find its wings and be on his way. His mother is keeping a watchful eye on proceedings from a nearby tree – he’s a lovely little chap and is really tame, he follows me around the garden as I’m weeding and he seems to really be making himself at home.”

As well as settling in his new tenant, Jim has also found time for his day to day tasks in the garden, and things are starting to sprout. Hanging baskets have now been planted and are available to purchase for only £6, as well as a range of home grown produce at affordable prices.

Stop by and pick up a bargain which will help support a community project. For more information and directions visit