Ben’s World: Chocolate irony and a bunch of silly sausages

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Content editor Ben Raza on Mr Men deals, the police elections, and why the T&C is always the place to go for the latest news

Nosing through the reduced section of the store last week, I found some Thornton’s chocolate. And even better, it was Mr Men chocolate.

The chocolate was reduced from £3 to 60p because it had been broken.

And who was the Mr Men character? Mr Bump!

> We don’t shout about this often enough, but the T&C’s website - that’s so add it to your favourites! - has stories going live throughout the day, seven days a week. The most recent stats averaged more than 17 stories a day.

Current visitors will have noticed that we were first to the news after reports that Kevin Carroll was arrested on Saturday. And instead of waiting for Thursday’s paper, we put the story online as soon as we had it.

Mr Carroll is the English Defence League member who is a candidate to become Police And Crime Commissioner (PCC), which would mean he was overseeing policing across the county.

He was arrested for conspiracy to cause public nuisance, as were 52 other EDL members. The silly sausage.

You may have a view on whether that makes him a fit person to lead our police force. If you do, drop us a line for our Opinions page.

And if you really want to be the first to the news, log onto our website, like us on Facebook, or follow the T&C (or me!) on Twitter.

> Of course you can’t get the EDL confused with the BNP, even if various links have been claimed between them the two groups.

If Mr Carroll wants to polish his image this week he *could* let us know what he think of the latest exploit by BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Do you remember the gay couple who complained when they weren’t allowed to stay at a B&B because the owner didn’t approve.

Well Nick, in a fit of populist, posted the couple’s address online.

Better still, he suggested that a “British Justice team” could be coming to the couple’s address to offer them “bit of drama”.

The next time the BNP stand for any election locally, please don’t vote for them.

> And lastly, if you don’t fancy voting for any of the parties, there’s an independent candidate standing for PCC.

It’s not Saundra Glenn, who we’ve previously written about but who didn’t get her deposit in on time. It’s someone called Mezanur Rashid.

I’d love to tell you more, but he (or she) hasn’t contacted the press at the time of writing.

It seems like he (or she) lives in Luton, but my friends in Luton haven’t seen any posters or flyers so far.

I couldn’t find a website, And I don’t know anyone who knows anything about him or her.

Good luck Mezanur!