Bells toll a warning in Bedford’s Panacea gardens

Dr Rupert Read
Dr Rupert Read

Bells were tolled in a Bedford garden as a Green politician and author gave a stark warning on climate change.

The event ‘Anthropocene: Keep It Green’ was held at the Panacea Museum in Newnham Road, Bedford.

The event was organised by Amanda Caldon, founder of the Precious Earth Art Collective (PEAC) who is hoping to create a yearly event following the PeacFest she organised at The Bunyan Halls in 2017.

The latest event coincided with the art exhibition Anthropocene: Of Our Own Making at the museum by PEAC.

Amanda said: “The day was a resounding success with a large attendance. The event consisted of various speakers and stalls. Visitors were inspired by the talks and workshops on environmentally friendly practices.”

Headlining the event was Green politician, philosopher and author Dr Rupert Read who was invited by Lucy Bywater, Green Party campaigner and co-chair of Bedfordshire Climate Change Forum.

Amanda added: “Dr Read’s talk ‘Facing Climate Reality: Do We Have The Will’ was a wake up call to the audience and certainly didn’t pull any punches!

“With ‘Keepers: After Dystopia’ overlooking the event and the Panacea’s chapel bell ringing in the background the message rang loud and clear - it may be too late to save our planet. Dr Read highlighted the possible collapse of civilisation, a new race and transformation.”

Other topics included the Woodland Trust’s new Tree Charter, Greenpeace on Palm Oil, Jane Perrone, freelance writer, on composting, Aletheia Mashiri, from BBC’s ‘Big Dreams Small Spaces’ on community gardening, Jo Atherton environmental artist and Amanda Caldon from PEAC.

Stalls included PEAC, Sustrans with their electric generator painting bike, Zero Waste, Upcycling, Abundance Bedford, Woodland Trust and Bedfordshire Against Covanta.