Bedfordshire University rises up ranking of country’s best colleges

A league table of UK universities has seen the University of Bedfordshire rise seven places up the ranks. placed the university at 110 out of 126 based on 10 criteria. But when ranking student satisfaction with individual subjects, it came 6th in the country for Linguistics.

Principal author of Dr Bernard Kingston said: “The league tables, taken with the rankings for specific subjects, offer would-be students an accurate and independent guide to the UK university system.

“They should not be used in isolation but alongside all the other advice and information in the Guide. Its tables are recognised for their stability and consistency, and this year once again demonstrates this.” has this year reviewed the performance of UK universities over the five years of the coalition government, based on the data used for its annual league tables.

An initial worsening in student:staff ratios was followed by an improvement across the whole of the United Kingdom that began with the introduction of fees of up to £9,000 a year in England.

Spending on facilities – sports, careers services, health, counselling, etc. – increased steadily over the full five year period.

The growth in the number of “good” honours degrees – graduates achieving first or upper second class honours – also increased, as did student satisfaction.

A sustained rise in the percentage of graduates in professional employment or engaged in further study six months after graduation reflects the continued recovery from the financial crisis. Recovery was already apparent before the coalition came to power and graduate employment levels have since returned to pre-crisis levels in every part of the UK, although the improvement in Wales has been less marked. In contrast, Scotland has consistently achieved the highest rate in every year reviewed.

Dr Kingston said: “UK students seem to be getting a better deal for their higher tuition fees in almost every area. It remains to be seen how far this trend can continue but in the short term at least, students are benefitting from spending on facilities that affect them directly.

Topping the table, published on Monday, is The University of Cambridge, which also takes top place in 36 of the 44 degree subjects it offers,

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