Bedfordshire to host Olympic training camps

Several facilities win backing from organisers of the London 2012 Games.

Olympians will be making their preparations for the 2012 London Games in Bedfordshire.

The Bedfordshire Olympic Opportunities Support Team (BOOST) has been successful is bidding for eight of the county's sporting facilities to be used as 2012 pre-games training camps.

World-class athletes from around the globe will train at Bedford International Athletic Stadium, while Bedford Modern School will host top table tennis stars, Bedford Autodrome will welcome road cyclists and the Bunyan Centre, Bedford, will be home to fencers, wrestlers and judo players.

Rowney Warren Woods will be the practice ground for mountain bikers, and the College Equestrian Centre in Keysoe will be used for equestrian training.

The University of Bedfordshire's Bedford campus will have the world's top archers, and all of the athletes will be able to use its sports science laboratory.

The university's halls of residence will also be used to accommodate the athletes while they train.

Gordon Johnston, chairman of BOOST, said: "We're absolutely delighted so many facilities in the county have been put forward to train, prepare and acclimatise athletes in their sport prior to the Games.

"This is a wonderful opportunity for the county to maximise the benefits of the Olympics, which will be a great boost to the local economy, as well as to increased mass participation at grass roots level and increased funding for sport. Bedfordshire is an ideal location."

The University of Bedfordshire's Bedford campus has also been put forward as a training location for the Paralympics.

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