Bedfordshire students celebrate excellent GCSE results

Sylvie Dulson, Rebecca Martin, Jessica Gray, Amelia Murray of St Andrews School, BedfordSylvie Dulson, Rebecca Martin, Jessica Gray, Amelia Murray of St Andrews School, Bedford
Sylvie Dulson, Rebecca Martin, Jessica Gray, Amelia Murray of St Andrews School, Bedford
Schools across Bedfordshire are celebrating high grades and pass rates for their GCSE students today, despite the national grades dropping dramatically.

Redborne School

Students and staff at Redborne School in Ampthill are celebrating this year’s set of GCSE results.

It follows last week’s record-breaking A Levels at the comprehensive school.

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Megan Wells with Bedford Free School principal Mark LehainMegan Wells with Bedford Free School principal Mark Lehain
Megan Wells with Bedford Free School principal Mark Lehain

75 per cent of the students achieved five A star to C grades and 83 per cent had a C or higher in maths and English.

Principal Nigel Croft said: “I am delighted. These are the school’s best-ever set of GCSE results. It follows on from last week’s best-ever A levels.

“ The progress of our students in English is 22 per cent higher than the national average and the Maths results are very similar.

“Congratulations to our students and staff.”

Megan Wells with Bedford Free School principal Mark LehainMegan Wells with Bedford Free School principal Mark Lehain
Megan Wells with Bedford Free School principal Mark Lehain

Among the top students were:

Matthew Cummins, 10 A stars and 1 A

Helena Milton-Jones, 10 A stars and 1 A

Eleanor Crabbe, 9 A stars and 2 As

Ava Farrow, 9 A stars and 2 As

Benjamin Harrison, 9 A stars and 2As

Catherine Bygrave, 9 A stars, 1 A and 1B

Eleanor Vaughan, 9 A stars, 1 A and 1B

Erin McIntosh, 9 A stars, 1A

Tom Ali, 8 A stars, 3 As

Alex Cummins, 8 A stars, 2 As, 1 B

Jennifer Lewis, 8 A stars, 2 As

Sukhi Ruparelia, 8 A stars, 2As

Bedford School

85 per cent of all grades were marked A*-B, whilst 57 per cent were marked at A* or A.

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Six pupils achieved 10 or more A* grades and science results once again proved very strong, with well over 70 per cent of grades in Physics and Design Technology marked at A*-A.

Head Master, James Hodgson, said: “Well done to this year’s group of boys, they have worked hard and should be pleased with what they have achieved.

“We are proud of them all and look forward to helping them achieve even further success as they move up to the Sixth Form to study for their A-Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma.”

St Andrew’s Independent School

St Andrew’s Independent School, based in Kimbolton Road has again seen year 11 pupils achieve excellent GCSE examination results.

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The school saw 74 per cent of all the girls’ entries achieving A* to C grades.

A spokesperson from the school, said: “Congratulations to all of our year 11 pupils and thank you to the staff who contributed to their excellent GCSE results.

“We are delighted that so many of our pupils met or exceeded their predicted grades. This is a great achievement for an academically non-selective independent school.”

A special mention has been given to:

Sylvie Dulson, Jessica Gray, Laura Hawkes, Rebecca Martin and Amelia Murray who achieved a full complement of GCSE’s with excellent grades.

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Pictured: Sylvie Dulson, Rebecca Martin, Jessica Gray, Amelia Murray, St Andrew’s School, Bedford.

Bedford Academy

Bedford Academy is celebrating its best ever GCSE results for the 6th year running. 54.3 per cent of students achieved A*-C in both English and maths.

Last year’s exceptional student progress was recognised as being in the top 20 per cent of schools nationally, progress this year is even better with the new Progress 8 measure exceeding +0.6.

Principal Claire Smith, said: “I am thrilled with Bedford Academy’s fantastic results again this year. These are a reflection of the hard work and dedication displayed by both students and staff, opening doors for our students’ future success.”

Sharnbrook Upper School

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Sharnbrook Upper School had ‘fabulous’ GCSE results and have again delivered an outstanding set of GCSE results.

Over a quarter (27.2 per cent) of the students achieved five or more A*/A grades with 16 per cent achieving eight or more.

Our top two students achieved 13 A* grades each, with a third student achieving 12 of these highest grades.

A spokesperson for the school, said: “As a fully comprehensive school we take enormous pride in the fact that 99 per cent of our students achieved at least 3 GCSE grades, with 97 per cent achieving at least 5.”

Bedford Free School

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The exam results from Bedford Free School are also above the national and town averages with 66 per cent achieved ‘good’ (A*-C) passes in both English and maths.

65 per cent achieved five or more A*-C grades including maths and English.

Mark Lehain, principal said: “We are delighted with how our students have done again this year. In particular, given their very low attainment before they joined BFS, these grades demonstrate excellent progress in a short period of time.”

Rushmoor School

Rushmoor is a non-selective school and the pupils have performed exceedingly well in their GCSE examinations despite a significant decline in GCSE results nationally this year.

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The overall percentage of pupils achieving five A* - C grades was 90 per cent.

Some subject results had 100 per cent A*-C pass rates, and science results had a 95 per cent A*-C pass rate.

Principal Mr Daniel, said: “These are an outstanding set of results for a non-selective independent school. All staff at Rushmoor are dedicated to ensuring our pupils achieve their full potential.”

Mark Rutherford School

Students have made significant progress this year with 57 per cent of them achieving A*-C including English and maths, an increase of 12 per cent on last year.

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Below are some of our outstanding performers from Mark Rutherford School:

Charlotte Anstee 9 A*, 2 A

Hamish Burns 1 A*, 9 A,

Leonardo Buttice 6 A*, 4 A

Karolina Cup 9 A*, 3 A,

Lina Dubbins 8 A*, 2 A

Katie Eaves 1 A* 11 A

Liam Fensom 6 A*, 4 A

Lydia Geronikolos 3 A*, 7 A

Marco Guarino 4 A*, 5 A,

Elizabeth Headley 7 A*, 5 A

Georgina Hodge 2 A*, 9 A

Chris Jefferies 4 A*, 4 A

Abbie Knox 3 A*, 5 A

Bedford Modern School

Bedford Modern School (BMS) staff and students are celebrating outstanding GCSE examination results bucking the national trend which has shown a dramatic fall in A*-C grades.

BMS students achieved an impressive 98 per cent of grades at A*-C with 35 per cent of those at A*.

BMS continues to provide the highest quality education with an exceptional two thirds of all grades awarded at A*-A.

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More than a quarter of the 138 students who sat their exams achieved straight A*-A grades.

The top performing male students Tom Allen and Zain Khan achieved 11 A*s plus an A in additional maths.

Kimbolton School

56 per cent of the grades awarded to students at Kimbolton were A* or A grades and over a quarter of the year group achieved at least nine A*/A grades.

96 per cent of the pupils received five or more passes at A*-C grades, including maths and English.

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Amongst these students included James Clements, who achieved 9A*s and an A despite spending the entire exam period in a wheelchair wearing a full leg brace. James had broken his kneecap and had had it pinned just a couple of weeks before.

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