Bedfordshire Police refuses to respond to probe into ‘unfit’ officers

Beds Police say responding to a probe into the number of its officers who pass a basic police fitness test would be too costly.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 18th November 2015, 2:18 pm

It comes after a Freedom of Information request revealed officers in forces up and down the country were literally deemed not fit enough to police the public.

The revelations from other forces come despite top brass claims that the test is easier than before.

A new-look health MOT for officers involves a ‘bleep test’ where they must walk and slowly jog for less than four minutes in 15 metre bursts, along with light weight lifting.

To pass the basic test officers have to reach level 5:4 - which is approximately three and a half minutes - although there are higher standards for specialist coppers.

Officers usually have three attempts at passing the test. If they fail it a third time then the force can open up disciplinary actions.

This could include suspension or the sack.

Some forces, including Bedfordshire Police, refused to disclose results.

When asked why a spokesman for the force said: “We did not provide this information as to do so would have exceeded the limit of £450.”

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