Bedfordshire police officer dismissed in misconduct hearing

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A Bedfordshire Police officer has been dismissed after he admitted to breaching policy.

PC Paul Wilson pleaded guilty to gross misconduct regarding honesty and integrity at a public misconduct hearing on Tuesday August 9.

PC Wilson did not attend the hearing in person that came after he failed to notify the force of a business venture which was aimed to stop ‘crash for cash’ schemes.

PC Wilson was asked by the Professional Standards Unit in November 2014 whether he had any business interests, however he failed to declare any.

He continued to deny his business interests until he changed his plea the day before the public hearing.

PC Wilson, who had been a police officer since 1999, was dismissed without notice by the legally qualified Chair, Alexandra Ward.

Assistant chief constable Mike Colbourne, said: “We expect our officers to act with the utmost honesty and integrity in everything they do, so it is always disappointing when the actions of officers fall below these standards.”

“The protocols that we have around declaring business interests are there for important reasons and anyone found to be in breach of these rules and regulations will be held to account.”