Bedfordshire Police launch new hate crime initiative

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Do you know where you can go in Bedford Borough to report hate crime?

The answer to this question was delivered by Bedford Borough Council officers last week as they worked alongside Bedfordshire Police on a three day assignment named ‘Operation Langtoft’.

The Council’s community safety officers took it as an opportunity to inform people that, in addition to the Police Headquarters, the borough hosts two centres where people can report such crimes.

MIND BLMK in Woburn Road and Citizens Advice in St Paul’s Square.

Councillor Colleen Atkins, said: “Some people may have the misconception that they have to go to the Police Headquarters to report hate crimes.

“However, if people wish to, they have alternative places to do so.

“The main thing is we want to encourage individuals to report this crime and not just accept it as part of life.

“It is not acceptable and we will do everything we can to get this message home.”

Throughout the three day operation, officers handed out nearly 2,000 leaflets on the topic.

Officers also dropped into hundreds of businesses and local voluntary organisations to have a general conversation with them about how safe they feel, any experiences they may have had, and to pass on information as to where they can go if they need support.

Bedford Borough Council will continue to work with Bedfordshire Police over the next 12 months to secure positive outcomes and increase hate crime reporting.

People can also report any hate crime incidents online via True Vision: