Bedfordshire Police launch an app to deter youngsters from extremism


The Cross the Line app was launched on Wednesday (July 26) as an initiative to stop young people in the region from being radicalised.

Users of the app are taken on a journey where their personal profile is used to document the journey someone might take in becoming radicalised, committing a hate crime or falling into extremism.

Every persona has a number of choices to make within the app which influences the steps they take and whether they eventually ‘Cross the Line’.

Police want to highlight how easily someone can be influenced by radical behaviour and to educate young people about the consequences of being drawn into extremist ideology.

Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Sebire said: “Those with extremist ideologies may target those who can be vulnerable – whether that is social isolation, feelings of grievance and injustice, or a desire for status.

“Cross The Line aims to help young people, who might be at risk from radicalisation, to recognise the signs that they are being influenced or controlled by others.

“We at Bedfordshire Police, and our partners across the eastern region and nationwide, will not tolerate those who seek to provoke tensions within our communities, or who target others because of any aspect of their identity. This is hate crime and we are committed to helping prevent it, as well as to encouraging victims to report their experiences and seek support.”

Ivan Humble, a former activist group organiser, said: “Cross the Line is all about giving someone the choice, before making a mistake.

“I wish the Cross the Line app had been around when I was younger, as I think it would have given me a chance to see what I might be getting into before I actually made the mistakes that I did.”

Police are encouraging people to get in touch by calling 101 if they have experienced a hate crime or know someone who might be vulnerable to radicalisation.