Bedfordshire councillors and PCC slam travellers at Brickhill site

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Brickhill Borough Councillors Charles Royden and Wendy Rider have called on Police and Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway to back their call for police action to be taken against unlawful traveller encampments at Waveny Green.

Councillor Wendy Rider, said: “When we asked for Police action the Police and Crime Commissioner wrote to us and said an inspector was sent out immediately to the site, who confirmed that there was no evidence of the defecation to be seen and that the travellers had brought their own bins to the area and were not littering the surroundings.

“When we sent the Police Commissioner photographs of how the site was left with excrement and used toilet paper everywhere, she was shocked, but we had told her all along about how our lovely Waveney Green was being abused.

“She has said she is now ’appalled’ but it is late for Brickhill residents to do anything.”

Deputy mayor Charles Royden, said: “Whilst we have had the support of Mayor Dave Hodgson from the beginning for the council to take action, the council has to go through the courts and this can take weeks with the required health checks and statutory notice periods.

“The police can use their powers to compell them to move immediately.

“We were just fortunate to get a writ of restitution in the high court because the same people had unlawfully camped on the green in Brickhill in July leaving the same destruction.”

Once the travelling encampment was forced to leave by court action, officers were sent to clean the site.

Photographs revealed the shocking conditions which met officers.

The council are calling on the police to listen to residents who are ‘fed up’ with breaches of the law with no action taken.

The councillors added: “Local residents have to abide by the rules and there should not be one law for one group of people and a different set of laws for another.

“There are serious health risks associated with this behaviour and substantial costs associated with cleaning the land to return it to safe public use.”