Bedford youngsters get road and bike aware ahead of going back to school

Maggie Cook-Smith
Maggie Cook-Smith

Local youngsters took to their bikes to learn the skills to ride safely in time for the new school year at Bedfordshire Police headquarters.

The seven to nine-year-olds took part in the Bikeability Level One course hosted by station officer and qualified Bikeability instructor Rachel Carne, at Kempston Headquarters.

The children will now be well prepared for cycling back to school, as they learnt basic skills to ride a bike confidently including starting, stopping, pedalling, signaling, maneuvering, using gears, general bike control and how to check a bike is road-worthy.

Bikeability is a national standard for cycle training, which has been designed by the leading experts in the field of road safety and cycling to get ‘more people cycling more often and more safely’ as around 2,000 child cyclists are killed or injured in the UK every year.

Rachel said: “Cycling is a fun and healthy way for children to get about and it also gives them a degree of freedom and independence. However there are issues which must be addressed if children are to be safe on the roads and parents and carers need to feel confident their children are equipped with the skills to cope with today’s traffic.

“All the children had an enjoyable time, as they learnt interactively on their bikes. Along with learning basic skills, they took part in fun balance games, to ensure they are less wobbly on the roads and after completing the course they were awarded with a certificate and badge.”