Bedford women create banner for celebration of suffrage centenary

Quilla Constance painting installation. Picture: Simon Richardson.
Quilla Constance painting installation. Picture: Simon Richardson.

Women from Bedford will be joining a huge procession with a banner specially commissioned to mark the centenary of their right to vote.

The charity Bedford Creative Arts was selected as one of 100 organisations across the UK to commission a unique banner for ‘Processions’, made by female artists and community groups during a series of workshops.

Bedford artist Jennifer Allen (aka Quilla Constance) and women representing the multi-cultural make up of the town, explored the ideas, hopes and concerns of women in the 21st Century to develop their own banner.

The group will join the ‘Processions’ walk in London on June 10 with their banner to represent the town and walk with thousands of women and girls from across the UK in a ‘living portrait’, echoing those carried by suffrage campaigners.

The project ‘Processions’ celebrates the early fight for the right to vote 100 years ago. Bedford’s banner looks forward and focuses on “the strength of togetherness to power towards a better future.”

Women and girls are invited to join the event for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate this historic moment and take part in one of the UK’s largest ever artworks. To attend, register at