Bedford woman urges residents to put pets forward as blood donors

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A grateful cat owner has appealed for more people to put forward their pets as feline blood donors after her tabby’s life was saved by a transfusion.

Beatrice Lock, who lives in Brogborough, was terrified when four-year-old Billy suddenly became lethargic and struggling to breathe.

She whisked him to Greensands Vets in Woburn Sands where vet Emma Pillow diagnosed him as suffering from life-threatening anaemia.

He was so seriously ill that she believed only an immediate blood transfusion could save him.

Davies Veterinary Referrals in Hitchin, a specialist veterinary hospital, was able to blood-type Billy and he received a transfusion later that day.

He spent the night at Greensands Vet and by the following day was well enough to go home and start a course of medication for anaemia.

Mrs Lock said: “Billy is a happy, lively cat so it was clear something was seriously wrong because he was so weak he could hardly lift his head. I was so worried about him but the blood transfusion made all the difference and he is making a good recovery now.”

She added: “I didn’t realise that cats could be blood donors but I now know how important this service is and I’d urge owners to put their cat forward to help save another’s life if they can.”

Vet Emma said: “Fortunately blood transfusions for cats are not required very often, but when we do need them, there is no handy blood bank as there is for humans or even dogs.”

She added: “It is a pleasure to see Billy now for his weekly check-ups. He isplaying and jumping around as normal.”

Feline donors must be healthy calm, mature adult cats of more than 4.5kg in weight and less than eight years old, say experts.

If you think your cat could be a potential blood donor, contact Davies Veterinary Specialists at