Bedford woman celebrates her 100th birthday at Wicksteed Park

Edna Dimmock
Edna Dimmock

A Bedford woman who celebrated her 100th birthday recalled being one of the first to ride on the water chute at Wicksteed Park.

Edna Dimmock was treated to centenary celebrations with her family yesterday (Wednesday) at the park, in Kettering.

Edna was born in Kettering but moved to Bedford half a century ago.

She was one of the first to go on the water chute when it opened in 1926 after her brother-in-law, who ran the ride, let her go on it.

And she recalled the fun she had at the park as a youngster.

She said: “I remember going on the ride and we got soaked, absolutely soaked.

“We went on it before they modified it and it was so much fun.

“Wicksteed is such a wonderful park and we came here all the time in the summer and even in the winter.”

Edna, who was the youngest of nine siblings, had three children, three grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren.

She regularly spoke to park founder Charles Wicksteed, who could often be found walking his dog around the park.

She added: “Charles was a wonderful man who would stop and have time for anybody.

“I think that is shown in the fact he donated the park to the public, it’s just fantastic.

“We used to come to Wicksteed Park so often that people would grow sick of us telling them we were going.”