Bedford students to remember hero nurse Edith Cavell

Euro MP Richard Howitt
Euro MP Richard Howitt

Primary school pupils had the chance to see a landmark exhibition honouring the life of heroic British nurse Edith Cavell.

Richard Howitt MEP will next week host a major exhibition in the European Parliament honouring the 100 years since Edith Cavell was killed by firing squad.

But today he visited staff and pupils at the Edith Cavell Lower School to bring a flavour of the exhibition to them.

Edith Cavell is responsible for saving the lives of at least 200 soldiers during World War One.

Richard Howitt MEP said: “While Edith Cavell was tragically killed, she nonetheless died as a hero and it is only proper that so many people still take the time to remember her.

“And that is certainly the case here in Bedford where every single day pupils have the opportunity to think about how she selflessly protected other people.

“Ahead of Remembrance Sunday I felt it was important to come and talk to the pupils here at the Edith Cavell School and explain to them why I am keeping her memory alive.”

Katie Cavell, a relative of Edith, said: “Thank you very much to Richard Howitt for bringing this wonderful exhibition to the European Parliament.

“I was always proud of the name, Cavell; I always understood that Edith Cavell was a brave and admirable person; and I always believed that we, as the younger generation, should learn from her.”