Bedford students make expedition to Cambodia to help local people

Mark Rutherford School pupils in Cambodia
Mark Rutherford School pupils in Cambodia

A life-enhancing expedition to Cambodia has been made by students from Mark Rutherford School in Bedford.

A group of 30 students travelled to the country to visit the emotionally charged site of the S21 Prison and ‘The Killing Fields’.

The trip focussed on improving the environment and living conditions for local people. Students played an important role in helping to reforest damaged parts of the landscape to encourage some of the world’s most endangered wildlife to return. The students also took first aid kits to donate to vulnerable young people living in rural villages.

Steven Reece, from Ambulance Response Services Limited (ARSL), said: “We donated the first aid kits as a gesture to help as many people as we can. We are delighted they were well received.”

Headteacher Mr Millard said: “We offer experiences that go beyond the classroom, giving students the opportunity to develop key life skills, cultural understanding and a global perspective for an increasingly environmentally challenged 21st century.”