Bedford steers election result


As the political frenzy takes off in the run-up to the General Election, the Bedford and Kempston seat is one of the top 100 marginal seats.

The constituency ranks 41st in a list of areas most likely to affect who will be in Number 10 after the election, according to The Independent newspaper.

It suggests Labour need to win Bedford and Kempston if Ed Miliband is to be Prime Minister - something which could be achieved with a three per cent swing of votes.

Current Conservative MP Richard Fuller said: “I have been an MP for one term. Previously, the Labour candidate was in office for three terms.

“Looking at this election, people are going to be more than ever focused on what the candidates have done.

“People don’t want politics, they want problems solved.”

Labour’s prospective parliamentary candidate Patrick Hall said: “It is a privilege to be a candidate in my home town, one of the most marginal seats in the country.

“It will be a very close contest where every vote counts.

“I am working hard with the enthusiastic Labour team to give local people a positive choice.”

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