Bedford slimmer has a new life after over losing half her body weight

Tears over a family wedding photo led a Bedford woman to slim and lose over half her body weight.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 5:00 pm
Catherine Pendino
Catherine Pendino

Catherine Pendino has now made it to the district finals of the Slimming World’s woman of the year contest after shedding a total of 12st 3.5lbs.

Over the years she had tried to lose weight, and was constantly wearing tracksuit bottoms and a baggy t-shirt.

She said: “People made comments about my appearance that really hurt.” The moment that changed everything for Catherine was a photo taken at a family wedding.

Catherine Pendino

She said: “I have a loving, close family and of course, we were all caught up in the excitement of planning the big day and naturally the conversation included ‘what are you going to wear’. Catherine went to the wedding but was gutted not to have the outfit she had dreamed of.

She said: “The wedding was lovely, but there was a photograph of me on a bench and when I saw it, I just cried. That picture made me hit rock bottom and I decided I needed to change.”

Catherine joined Slimming World after hearing of her mum’s success. She said: “Every time I went to see my mum she was dishing up great big plates of food and was losing weight.”

After joining, the weight began to to and Catherine was having to buy clothes in smaller sizes, and has since kept a tally of the pounds lost.

She added: “I can now wear jeans and trousers that don’t have elastic in the waist. I can wear tops with gorgeous colours and feel liberated.”

The group has continued to support Catherine since she has hit her target weight

She said: “I shall also keep coming to group – because I get so much support, encouragement and food ideas. I am not going back to thoughtless eating.”

Not only has Catherine gained more confidence, her health and happiness has greatly improved.

She said: “At the beginning of my journey I was on strong pills for blood pressure, and was on the verge of diabetes. I got out of breath and didn’t walk more than necessary. At the family wedding, I didn’t get up and dance, but stayed sitting and chatting. My pills are reduced and I am no longer in danger of diabetes – and I enjoy walking. Life seems full of promise. We had another family occasion just recently and I danced the night away and felt like a million dollars. I loved that feeling.

“I have reached target and lost over 12 stone and I intend to stay there now.

Catherine attends a group in Putnoe which runs on Thursday evenings at 5.30pm and 7.30pm and a Friday morning at 9.30am, all held at the Bedford Athletic Rugby Club, Wentworth Drive. Call group leader Michelle on 07519 909120 or 01234 347807.