Bedford set to be among the worst places for post-Christmas tummy trouble

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Eating left-over Christmas dinner is more likely to lead to tummy trouble in Bedford than almost anywhere else in the UK.

A study by online sales website suggests that anyone eating festive left-overs in Bedford has a 24 per cent chance of developing food poisoning.

Wolverhampton is the worst place in the UK for potential stomach drama, with a 27 per cent chance.

How long should different Christmas dishes be left in the fridge of freezer before you bin them?


Fridge three-four days, freezer 2-3 months

Roast potatoes

Fridge two days, freezer 10-12 months

Carrots/ parsnips

Fridge seven days, freezer 6-8 months

Cranberry sauce

Fridge 10-14 days, freezer 10-12 months


Fridge two days, freezer four months

Brussel sprouts

Fridge three-five days, freezer 10-12 months


Fridge three-four days, freezer one month

Christmas pudding

Fridge six weeks, freezer 12 months