Bedford school teacher celebrates after tie-ing to break a Guinness World Record

Bedford teacher Colin Jones goes for the world record wearing ties.
Bedford teacher Colin Jones goes for the world record wearing ties.
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A Bedford schoolteacher is celebrating breaking a world record for wearing the most ties at one time.

Colin Jones of St Andrew’s School contacted the Guinness Book of World Records for confirmation he would be the new holder after he smashed the previous figure of 212 - to reach a tie-tantic total of 260 worn around his neck.

A happy and relieved Colin said: “It felt wonderful to break the record. I got a massive cheer from the kids once I’d finished although I was nearly strangled as they helped take all the ties off!

“The ties were surprisingly heavy and made me hot. Over the years in teaching I’ve accumulated hundreds of ties. I suppose you could call me the Jon Snow of St Andrew’s.”

The event was linked with the Macmillan Coffee Morning on Friday, September 26, in memory of Sue Shephard, a fellow teacher at St Andrew’s who died from cancer earlier this year.

Colin said: “Sue and I worked together - I think she would have loved it. She was all for trying out new things.”

He added: “I have ties for most occasions including exams. My maths exam tie had the sign for pi squared on, and my Engish literature exam tie had lots of books on it. I spent the previous night before attempting the record tying my ties up until 1am - my wife thinks I’m mad!”

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