Bedford River Festival drunk writes apology letter to Police

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A River Festival visitor has apologised to police for his drunken “rude and insulting” behaviour” at the event – but then made a gender faux pas.

The man was arrested on suspicion of affray during the Saturday night festivities and was given a police caution.

This week Bedford police received a badly-spelled, hand-written letter of sincere apology addressed to officers “Miss Ayling and Mr Pearce.”

It stated: “I’m so very sorry Iv (sic) had time to reflect on my actions and have relized (sic) that it is not how to deal with anger and upset.”

Inspector Paul Ayling, who sports a large hipster beard, saw the funny side.

He said the repentant offender “must have had a good time as he couldn’t remember my gender”.

The inspector added: “It’s always great to receive letters of thanks and apology from the public even if it is from individuals we have arrested and seen the error of their way.”

Although is was a ‘safe’ festival overall some revellers reported witnessing violence on Saturday night: One said: “As dusk fell the atmosphere on Russell Park was turning nasty. A man covered in blood was wrestled to the ground by police officers and ambulance staff assaulted in Howbury Street. Another witness saw a blood covered man involved in violent outbursts in the same area.”

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