Bedford nightclub licence suspended following stabbing and ‘violent’ incidents

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Bedfordshire Police has suspended the licence of a Bedford nightclub following a series of violent incidents at the location last weekend.

Following a number of incidents which took place at Vibe in St Peter’s Street in the early hours of Saturday (March 25), the Bedfordshire Police Licensing Team called for a summary review of the premises licence.

The licensing team were successful in obtaining a suspension of the licence pending a full review hearing next month.

The incidents, including the stabbing of a man in his arm causing injury, are being investigated and anyone with information is asked to contact police quoting the crime reference number JH/12553/2017.

Sergeant Craig Gurr said: “The licence suspension has the effect of limiting the number of people congregating and drinking in this area, which over the weekend has fuelled violent incidents.

“We work closely with venues and licensed premises across the county in order to facilitate a safe and enjoyable way for people to socialise, yet this action sends out a strong message that violence will not be tolerated.”