Bedford mum of three struggling to fund cancer treatment

Bella, 2, Megan, 15, with mum Emma and Luke, 12Bella, 2, Megan, 15, with mum Emma and Luke, 12
Bella, 2, Megan, 15, with mum Emma and Luke, 12
Family and friends are rallying together to help a mum of three win her battle with cancer.

Emma Meadwell, 39, from Kempston, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and given the all clear in May after weeks of chemotherapy and a mastectomy.

For a short time her and partner Chris Bennett were cautiously positive.

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Julie a family friend, said: “The family were hit with the bombshell of a death sentence three weeks ago.

“They were told the cancer has now spread to Emma’s blood, liver, pelvis and another tumour is growing rapidly in what is left of the breast that has already been removed.

“This is breaking all of us to pieces, I can’t imagine how these kids are going to be without their mum - they’re an incredibly close family.”

Although a potential treatment is available, the NHS cannot afford to supply it to Emma for free.

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The total cost will be £18,000 and her family have raised almost enough for the first treatment which will be over £3,000.

Each treatment cycle will be every three weeks and the family do not have the money to fund all of it.

Emma was a senior manager for a hospitality training company but has had to give up work, and her partner runs a small cleaning business.

Julie added: “We’re on a clock, if we don’t raise it all I’m not sure how effective the treatments that we can pay for will be.

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“But we can raise the money over time as we don’t need the entire sum up front, anything we can raise will be a huge help.

“Emma is not asking for a miracle cure but she is desperately trying to hang on to any scrap of life she can.”

Emma has three children Bella, one, Luke, 12, and Megan, 15, who would go into the care of her partner if the worst was to happen.

They are doing what they can to raise money and support their mum’s treatment.

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Emma’s older brother, Simon, said: “It does not bear thinking about imagining what life will be like without Emma in it.

“When you get told your baby sister has cancer - that’s the hardest news to take.”

Without the additional life extending treatment, Emma is not expected to live past March next year.

To donate to Emma’s cause and help raise money for her treatment, visit: