Bedford middle school invites pupils from 1962 back to celebrate 50 years of service

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Margaret Beaufort, a middle school part of the Sharbrook Academy Federation, is closing after over 50 years.

To honour the school after half a century, an past and present pupils were invited to the first of many celebrations that will be held before the doors close for the final time next year.

The current staff and pupils at Margaret Beaufort Middle School were delighted to welcome back the school’s first pupils from 1962.

The former pupils came together to share ‘school experiences’ and compare just how much school life has changed.

Headteacher Paul Ives, said: “Next July sees the end of an era at Margaret Beaufort Middle School.

“We want this to be a celebratory final year and have many events planned to mark this.

“It was a pleasure to host Margaret Beaufort’s first pupils from 1962 who spent time with current pupils, toured the school, had lunch and participated in a question and answer session about school life in the 1960s.

“Our current pupils were particularly interested in corporal punishment and the lack of technology.”