Bedford man falls in love with his weight loss coach

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A couple found love after they made life changing decisions to lose weight.

Mark Church, now 50, has always struggled with his weight and at his heaviest he weighed 22st 10lbs.

He jumped from diet to diet but nothing ever seemed to work or keep him motivated enough to see them through.

Feeling frustrated at these fad and unsustainable diets, he turned to Weight Watchers to help him get his size back on track.

He joined the group in 2009 and he felt like a switch had clicked in his head.

Surrounded by a supportive network, he was motivated to lose the weight 
and most importantly keep it off.

He was thrilled that he had found a programme that would finally work for him, he was still able to eat the foods he loved, go to restaurants and still lose weight.

Mark lost nine stone by 2014, and has maintained this weight for good, he now weighs 13st 9lbs.

Mark first met Clare, his leader, at the beginning of his Weight Watchers’s journey.

Right from the start, he knew she was a passionate person, he could see she deeply cared for her job and the people she was motivating.

Clare herself had lost an amazing 12 stone.

This filled Mark with confidence, with Clare as his leader – he felt supported and enthusiastic.

As time progressed they became great friends, and three years ago, this friendship turned to love.

Mark has proposed to Clare and are to be married later this year.