Bedford identical twins are double hit on new TV show

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Identical twin sisters who dream of becoming superstars are set to make their TV debut on the new game show Babushka.

Determined singers and songwriters Zoe and Zara Paul needed to raise thousands of pounds to record and launch their EP.

So when the Wootton pair were approached by the producers of Babushka to take part in the show they jumped at the chance.

“They spotted us from the recordings we had put on YouTube. We were flattered!” said Zoe.

The show featuring the twins will be shown on ITV next Thursday, May 11, at 5pm.

“Because it hasn’t been aired yet, we’re not allowed to say how much we won,” said Zoe, who is the younger twin by six minutes.

“All I can say is that it was really quite difficult.”

The twins, who went to Wootton Upper School, had to decide whether statements were true or false then open up Russian dolls to reveal how much money they had won – or lost – if they gave the right answer.

A clip of them on the show has already been shown – on This Morning programme last Friday.

Meanwhile the pair are still rehearsing and recording round the clock to further their career in music.

They are booked to appear at the Mondomix festival in the Isle of Wight next month.

To hear them perform visit their website